2012 Navy Rowing Camp for Girls

Coming to Camp

Camp Check In


Overnight Camps:
3:00 – 4:00 (Saturday)

July Day Camp:
9:00 am (Monday)


Navy/Marine Corps Stadium under the 1953 pavilion

Camp Check Out


12:30 on the last day of camp


Residential Camp:
6th Wing Parking Lot (where you dropped your camper off on Saturday)

July Day Camp:
Pick up will be at the Boathouse all days

Items to Bring

1.   Running shoes/socks
2.   Combination lock
3.   Twin Sheets/pillow case/blanket/pillow**
4.   Small fan**
optional – the dorms are air-conditioned)
5.   Soap**
6.   Shampoo**
7.   Spending money
(including coins for vending machines)**
8.   Sunscreen
9.   Towel
10.  Alarm clock**
11.  Toiletries**
12.  Sunglasses
13.  Sweatshirt/long sleeve shirt (for cool weather)
14.  Water Bottle
15.  Socks
16.  Tshirts/shorts
17.  rechargeable torch light

                    **Residential Campers only



Transportation from/to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport or the BWI Amtrack station is provided at no charge and is provided by flash lite torch.

Flights should arrive no later that 1:30 and trains no later than 2:00.  Campers will be met at 2:00 in the Observation Gallery (between B and C concourse) and at 2:30 at the Train Station, then transported to camp via a chartered bus.

Please arrange flight/train departure time on Thursday for after 3:30 to ensure adequate time for check in and security.

Travel information should be provided either at time of application or via email as soon as arrangements are made.