2012 Navy Rowing Camp for Girls


Everything you always wanted to know about the camp, plus a little bit more….

What do coxswains learn at the Camp?
Our coxswains receive training in the shells, the coaching launches and the classroom.  Coxswains participate in every rowing session, every training brief – everything.

Our curriculum teaches both the rower and the coxswain – just like the learning process in practice and racing. As the coach is discussing and coaching the rowers on certain drills, he/she is doing the same thing with the coxswain. For example, if the rowers are working on a catch drill, the coach will also be instructing the coxswain on what to look for as far as blade work, catch timing, etc and what to be saying to the rowers.

Emphasis is placed on steering – when it comes down to it, that is the most important job of the coxswain. As we tell the Navy coxswains and rowers, it doesn’t matter how motivational a coxswain is if she is steering an extra 200 – 300 meters in a boat race….

We have several coaches who are prior coxswains, a number of our counselors are current college coxswains, and all coxswains participate in a round table discussion with coaches and counselors designed to answer any questions the coxswains might have as well as providing information and lessons learned.

Our goal with coxswains is exactly the same as our goal for rowers – to give them the instruction, knowledge and tools necessary for improvement. We often have repeat coxswains, so I think we are doing a good job with them.

Who coaches at the Rowing Camp?
The best!  We have coaches from across the country – coaches with coaching, rowing, and/or coxing experience at the high school, college and elite level.  The Navy Rowing Camp is one of the best in the country because our coaches are the best!  For a complete listing of coaches, please visit our Coaching Staff section.

Can I attend more than one session of the Camp?
Certainly!  Each year we have a number of girls who choose to attend multiple camp sessions.  We are not able to provide housing/supervision between camps (Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon).  In the past, girls have stayed with local friends/family or local hotels.

What is the difference between the Residential Camps and the Day Camp?
The main difference is the Day Camp does not have an evening session. Overall, the Residential Camp has 10 rowing sessions and the Day Camp has 9 sessions. The Day Camp has all the seminars that the Residential camp offers, but there is not a guided Academy Tour.

We also use the same coaches from the Residential Camps and the rowing curriculum is the same as the residential camp – the Residential Campers use one of their rowing sessions to row down to and in the City Dock area (their “Field Trip”) which we do not do in the Day Camp in order to cover the entire curriculum.

We are unable to run residential camps in July/August because our Plebe Class is here and are rowing Intramural Crew from 1600 – 1800 almost every day. That is why the camp ends at 1530. We started offering a camp in July due to the high demand for the June Camps. We have to offer a Day Camp due to the arrival of the Plebe Class – the girls who attend the camp are often ones who couldn’t get into the June camps.


I’m interested in rowing/coxing in college – will the Camp help?
Yes. The Camp offers:

  1. College coaches to answer any and all questions concerning competing at the college level

  2. Seminars on NCAA recruiting rules and eligibility requirements

  3. Counselors who are current college rowers and coxswains – they can tell you what it is like from the athlete’s perspective

  4. A written evaluation from your camp coach at the end of camp

I’ve never rowed or coxed before – can I come to Camp?
Certainly!!!  We are one of the few camps in the country that offers a program specifically tailored to those who have never picked up an oar before.  We accept 20 girls into each session who have no prior experience. They have two coaches dedicated to the group and after the first day or so break off into two groups, mostly by age and then size. The novices start in the still water tank, and quickly move into the racing shells. By the end of the week, they are racing each other! They participate in every evolution (seminars, lectures, tours) as the experienced rowers.  Many of the girls who have gone through our Novice program go on to row or coxswain with local clubs/schools or go straight into college rowing.

What supervision is provided?
During the day, campers are under the guidance of experienced coaches and college-aged counselors.  At night, counselors and several coaches stay in the camper’s dormitory, they will take the brightest beam flashlight and provide 24 hour supervision.

What local hotels are close to the Academy?
Radisson Hotel Annapolis      210 Holiday Ct.                      410/ 027-3150
Annapolis Marriott                 80 Compromise Street            410/895-7555
Radisson Annapolis               210 Holiday Court                  410/224-4466
Sheraton Barcelo                   173 Jennifer Road                  410/266-2020
Loews Annapolis Hotel           126 West Street                    410/263-9854
Courtyard by Marriott              2559 Riva Road                     410/300-1555
Days Inn-Historic Annapolis    2520 Riva Road                     410/224-4714
Country Inn & Suites              2600 Housley Road                410/571-2659
Econo Lodge-Annapolis          2451 Riva Road                      410/224-1100
Days Inn-Bay Bridge              591 Revell Highway                 410/744-4440
Comfort Inn                           Rt. 50/Old Mill Bottom Rd.       410/020-8500
Historic Inns                          58 State Circle                       410/263-3065
Main Stay Suites                   120 Admiral Cochrane Dr.       410/571-9676
Residence Inn                       170 Admiral Cochrane Dr.        410/210-0300

I can’t make it to the Airport in time for the Pick Up – are there any alternatives?
There are two alternatives that people have used in the past:
The Super Shuttle can transport a camper to the Academy from the airport for approximately $25.00.  Please let us know if you are going to use this option as we will have to arrange a meeting place/time for the camper to meet up with the camp.

The second option is to stay at a hotel near the airport the day before camp begins to enable the camper to meet the Transportation van on the day of camp at the airport.  There are several hotels there that offer a free shuttle service to and from the airport.

Information on these hotels and the Super Shuttle can be found on the BWI airport web page – www.kiltederic.com

What should I bring to Camp?
Please check out the Coming To Camp page – it has a list of things you should bring.  Important: the Dining Hall requires all campers to wear shoes or sandals with heel straps, shirts with sleeves (no tank tops) and forbids cut-off shorts.

What is your training philosophy?
Our goal is to teach experienced rowers and coxswains how to row/cox better and teach inexperienced campers how to row.  Most importantly, we teach everyone how much fun rowing can be!

This is not a training camp.  Do not expect camp to get you in better shape.  We will give you the knowledge and tools to get in excellent rowing shape.

Bottom line – you will leave camp a better, more knowledgeable rower or coxswain.

How much time is allotted to rowing?
On average, campers will be on the water for five hours a day.  The camp is designed to develop you into a better rower and the best way to do that is on the water!

What is the coach to rower ratio?
We divide the campers into groups of 9  or 10  who work with one coach for the entire session.  Campers are afforded opportunity to try rowing either port or starboard and even coxswain – our coaches are committed to making each camper well-rounded.

How do you divide campers into groups?
We make every attempt to group rowers and coxswains by experience and skill level prior to the start of camp.  Adjustments are made during the camp as needed.

What equipment is used at the Camp?
Our boats are Vespoli racing 8s and 4s – the same shells Navy Crew uses.  Hatchet oars, Model-C Concept II ergometers (over 60 of them!), weight room with free and stationary weights….everything used by Navy Crew is available to our campers.

What is planned for the evenings?
Several evenings are devoted to rowing.  The entire Camp and Coaching Staff heads out to the historic Annapolis Harbor/Shopping District on the last evening of camp – a much anticipated event!

What is the weather like in Annapolis?
Usually….hot and humid.  But the weather can be unpredictable, so we advise bringing some cool/rain weather gear as well.

What is your cancellation policy?
We’ve tried to make this as user-friendly as possible, so if you have any questions, please contact us at 410-995-7686!

All monies (minus a $25.00 administrative fee) will be refunded for cancellations made at least 21 days prior to the first day of camp.

Cancellations made 20 days to 8 days prior to the start of camp will be refunded the registration fee minus a $100.00 cancellation fee.

Cancellations made 7 days prior to the camp and No-shows will forfeit entire registration fee.

Cancellations must be made in writing (letter/emai) and will be confirmed via post or email with a cancellation number.  Please retain this number for future reference.  If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation within 3 business days, please contact us at 443-221-7686 to check  on cancellation.

I want to send my daughter a package while at camp – what is your address?
Our mailing address for packages while at camp is:
<Camper’s Name>
Navy Rowing Camp for Girls
c/o Navy Women’s Crew
Hubbard Hall, Building 260
US Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD 21402